Elvira Family National Officers

Latasha Dorsey, National President

Charles Davis, National Vice President

Shirby Cooper, Treasurer  

Alfreda Gardner, Financial Treasurer  

Jewel NesmithRecording Secretary       
Kenisha D. McFaddenCorrespondance Secretary

Executive Board

Joe Dorsey, John L. Milner, 
 Leevern Burroughs,
Hampton Chandler & Mose Dorsey
Past Presidents


Italy Green


Tanya JonesHistorian 

Kelly White, Past Historian

Freda Gardener



Chaplin, All Clergy



Hello Family,


 An increase in dues across the board has been implemented. Because of the rise in price of items such as food, hotel convention rental rates, etc., it was necessary for the increase to be done.  

 In order for us to have a great reunion, the entire family is going to have to work hard together to support the host committee in doing fundraisers, making contributions, and any other help that may be needed.

 As President of this great Family Reunion, I will do all I possibly can to ensure a great and joyful reunion in 2015.

 I would like to thank each of you in advance for what you will do and for the acceptance of the dues increase.


 Yours in Christ,


 Mose Dorsey

(919) 971-7599


Elvira Family Reunion



            2017 DC Host Chapter

                                               President:  Lillian Daily                  mrs.ldaily@gmail.com

Vice President:  Rick Pringle

Recording Secretary:  Janice Nesmith

Corresponding Secretary:

Financial Secretary:Alfreda Gardner

Treasurer: Alfreda Garner

Chaplin:  Rev. Edward Dorsey

Assistant Chaplin: